College/University Membership Benefits Administrators

AAUW supports the work of college administrators like you! By joining our community, you can take advantage of a full suite of resources, tools, and networks to make your job easier.

UCFteamMay2012A colleague on campus first introduced Regina Hyatt to AAUW. Since attending that first local AAUW branch event, Regina, the dean of students at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, now serves as co-president of the branch, has brought a Tech Trek camp to her university, and sits on the national AAUW College/University Committee. She has been able to get campus colleagues involved in AAUW and knows how important AAUW programs are for her students. What can AAUW do for you?

Bring Gender Equity Programs to Campus

Our campus programs let you stand out as an innovative administrator. When your school joins AAUW as a C/U partner member

  • You are first in line when applying for programs like Elect Her-Campus Women Win, which gives students hands-on campaign skills.
  • You and your students can apply for up to $5,000 for Campus Action Project grants, which fund campus-based gender equity projects.
  • You can get funding for a campus event on unfair pay, sexual harassment and assault, Title IX violations, and other sex discrimination topics by connecting with your local branch.
  • You can take your university program or research further by applying for a Community Action Grant.
  • You can take advantage of our relationship with the Princeton Review to host practice free GRE and SAT tests, helping you reach prospective students!

Join Us

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Develop Your Own Skills

Administrators have access to resources on topics such as mentorship, advocacy, and leadership. Staying connected with AAUW also ensures that you’re on top of the latest news in gender equity. You can attend AAUW’s national convention or join your students at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL). While at NCCWSL, you can present a workshop or participate in a special administrator program track. Administrators can also participate in local branch or Younger Women’s Task Force (YWTF) chapter programs.

Step Up as a Leader on Campus

FacOrStaffThere are so many ways to hone your leadership skills. Administrators at C/U partner member schools can serve as one of two C/U representatives. As a representative, you’ll get free national membership to AAUW (a $49 value), special online training, and more. You can also serve on a national committee, volunteer with your branch or YWTF chapter, or advise a student organization.

Become Part of the AAUW Community

Administrators find community at many different levels. Globally, AAUW membership connects you with 170,000 members and supporters as well as more than 800 college/university partner member schools. You can get involved with one of the nearly 1,000 community-based AAUW branches or YWTF chapters. Online, C/U representatives can find and connect with other C/U representatives through the Membership Services Database. Not a C/U representative? You can still connect with colleagues on our social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.


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Administrator Phyllis Floro accompanied these seven students from SUNY Buffalo (above) to the conference.

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