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AAUW and Washington, D.C., Mayor Collaborate to Close the Gender Pay Gap

Article | April 12, 2016

Over the next five years, AAUW Work Smart in D.C. will teach more than 15,000 women how to evaluate, negotiate, and articulate their worth confidently in the job market. Read more »

Leadership and Wages Go Hand in Hand for Women

Blog | April 8, 2016

The gender wage gap has many causes: gender segregation across job sectors and industries, wage discrimination, and expectations around parenting, among others. But one important factor that contributes to the gender wage gap is the gender leadership gap. Read more »

Do My State Officials Care about My Equal Pay?

Blog | April 8, 2016

Even though the majority of governors largely ignored equal pay, state legislators are paying more attention to the demands of their constituents. Read more »

How I Learned to (Successfully) Negotiate My Salary

Blog | April 7, 2016

Sandra Butler knew the gender pay gap was a problem. But she didn’t know just how much this problem had likely already affected her life. Read more »

Overcoming the “Model Minority” Myth: AAPI Women Are Not Paid Equally

Blog | March 15, 2016

The AAPI community is made up of more than 50 ethnic groups who speak more than 100 different languages and bring many diverse experiences to our country. Read more »

The AAUW Policy Guide to Equal Pay in the States

Resource | February 17, 2016

Until a federal law, like the Paycheck Fairness Act, is passed, each state will continue operating under antiquated regulations and piecemeal state and local laws to combat unequal pay. Read more »

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