2017 Fund Chair Conference

June 14, 2017


Time: 8 a.m.–12 p.m. (lunch will be served at noon)

Location: Renaissance Washington, D.C. Downtown (the national convention site)

 Cost: Free with convention registration


State and Branch AAUW Fund Chairs are invited to the 2017 Fund Chair Conference, a free half-day conference preceding the 2017 AAUW National Convention. This event will help you become an even stronger fund-raising leader by providing new fund-raising ideas, bolstering understanding of policies, and creating a space to share and learn from your fellow AAUW Fund Chairs. The session will be facilitated by a national and international fund-raising strategist.

Please note that this event is for State or Branch AAUW Fund Chairs only. If your Fund Chair is unable to attend and has requested that you attend in her place, please e-mail development@aauw.org.

Register for the Conference of AAUW Fund Chairs

Registration for this event is now closed. If you are interested in learning more about opportunities and resources for fund-raising leaders, please visit the AAUW Fundraising Resources page or e-mail us at development@aauw.org.