Recruitment Webinar: Attracting Members in Their Twenties and Thirties

April 25, 2017


Time: 7:30 p.m. ET

Location: Online (You just need to register for the webinar.)

Cost: Free



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Event Description:

AAUW has something to offer so many women in your community, but how do you find them, and how do you get them to join?

Attend a webinar with staff and AAUW’s Membership Committee to explore how to recruit women in their twenties and thirties to join your branch. You’ll leave with strategies and tools to attract this target group to your branch and learn ways to ensure retention of these new members by creating an environment that is welcoming and inclusive.

Every leader can be part of the effort to recruit new members. Join branch presidents, membership vice presidents, and diversity officers for a discussion on strategies that have been proven to work!

Have a burning question? Make sure you submit it along with your registration form so that we can cover it in the session or follow up with you directly.

Registration for this event is now closed. An archive recording will be available within a week of this event. If you are interested in learning more about AAUW’s work on recruitment, engagement, or retention, please e-mail