Wilhelmina Holladay cut the ribbon on the winning painting.

National Museum of Women in the Arts Founder Wilhelmina Holladay cuts the ribbon on the 2013 NMWA Award of Distinction painting.

We hear about the gender gap all the time — in salary, in math and science fields, in leadership. But one of the most glaring and longstanding gaps is in the art world. For centuries, women artists were unrecognized, unencouraged, or even discredited simply because they were not men.

Today, things have changed … some. Still, only 5 percent of the art currently displayed in U.S. museums is by women. There remains just one major museum in the world dedicated solely to women artists. That’s why, working with the National Museum of Women in the Arts, we host an annual Art Contest to get women artists the equal attention they deserve.

The six winning entries will be featured in a collection of note cards mailed to AAUW members in the spring. And, for the second year in a row, one of the six winners has received the NMWA Award of Distinction!

Congratulations to our 2014 winners!

AAUW members and a panel of past winning artists selected six pieces from more than 150 entries. We would especially like to thank the judges who dedicated their time and expertise in this year’s contest: Margaret Mathews, Joyce Rothermich, Rita Sklar, and Jane Winston.


The NMWA Award of Distinction

For the second consecutive year, NMWA Founder Wilhelmina Holladay and NMWA Director Susan Fisher Sterling selected an Award of Distinction recipient from the six winners of the AAUW Art Contest.
“Cap Nap,” Paula Schroeder, Atascadero (CA) Branch
“Cat Nap” by Paula Schroeder
AAUW Atascadero (CA) Branch

“Unique,” Sharon Gale, Southeast Valley (AZ) Branch
“Unique” by Sharon Gale
Southeast Valley (AZ) Branch
“Disappearing Four Patch,” Nann Hilyard, Waukegan Area (IL) Branch
“Disappearing Four Patch” by Nann Hilyard
Waukegan Area (IL) Branch

“Epiphany,” Claudia Frost, Batavia-Geneva-St. Charles (IL) Branch
“Epiphany” by Claudia Frost
Batavia-Geneva-St. Charles (IL) Branch
“Barcelona Girl” by Pat Cairns Atascadero (CA) Branch
“Barcelona Girl” by Pat Cairns
Atascadero (CA) Branch

“Saying Goodbye,” Linda French, Loveland (Co) Branch
“Saying Goodbye” by Linda French
Loveland (Co) Branch

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