We look down onto a woman painting a nearly completed photo of a beautiful court yard on her canvas.

Photo courtesy of Procsilas Moscas via Flickr

We hear about the gender gap all the time — in salary, in math and science fields, in leadership. But one of the most glaring and longstanding gaps is in the art world. For centuries, women artists were unrecognized, unencouraged, or even discredited simply because they were not men.

Today, things have changed … some. Still, in 2012, only 4 percent of artists on display at the Metropolitan Museum were women. There remains just one major museum in the world dedicated solely to women artists. That’s why we host an annual art contest to give women artists the equal attention they deserve.

The six winning entries will be featured in a collection of note cards mailed to AAUW members in the spring.

For more information on the AAUW Art Contest, see the contest rules.

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2017 Timeline

Submission period
January 4–31
Submit your artwork. Members can submit up to two pieces. Read the contest rules to learn more.

Voting period
February 6–28
AAUW members can vote for up to 10 entries. Rally votes for your favorites by sharing with other members.

Winner announcement
Early March
We’ll announce the six winners on this page!


Past Winners

We’re in the ninth year of the annual AAUW Art Contest. View all of our past winners!

Congratulations to our 2016 winners!

Every year AAUW members cast their vote on the final candidates to be featured in the spring collection of note cards. The winners for 2016 were (click to expand):

Dancing with Joy at White Sands by Ronda Sanders

“Dancing with Joy at White Sands”
By Ronda Sanders

Floral by Carol Zerbe

By Carol Zerbe

Foxy Impression by Christy Lemp

“Foxy Impression”
By Christy Lemp

Japanese Garden Drum Bridge by Susan Fenwick

“Japanese Garden Drum Bridge”
By Susan Fenwick

Three Poppies by LouAnn Hoppe

“Three Poppies”
By LouAnn Hoppe

Tuscan Entryway by Robert Benziger

“Tuscan Entryway”
By Robert Benziger

Vote in the 2017 art contest  Visit the art contest gallery