A Prediction for Fabulously Feminist Fall Shows 06October

Blog   |   Community   |   October 06, 2015

Could this year’s surge of women-fueled television finally be the tipping point for gender equality in Hollywood? Let’s hope so. Read more »

These AAUW Opportunities Can Make Your School Year Even Better 01October

AAUW student organization members at Texas A&M University wear Rosie the Riveter outfits.

Whether you’re a student or campus professional, there’s an opportunity for you to make this school year great, any time of the year. Read more »

States Innovate to Help Voters Register 22September

A group of young people stand outside with signs advocating for voter registration.
Blog   |   Advocacy   |   September 22, 2015

In honor of National Voter Registration Day, we’re highlighting some states that are passing laws to make it easier for their citizens vote. Read more »

U.S. Treasurer on Which Woman Should Grace the New $10 16September

Blog   |   Advocacy   |   5 Comments   |   September 16, 2015

Which woman would you choose to feature on the new 10? Read more »

Women Excluded from University President Hiring Pool … Again 08September

Headshots of four white men
Blog   |   Leadership   |   September 08, 2015

Despite his low ratings from University of Iowa faculty, J. Bruce Harreld is set to earn more than the outgoing woman president. Read more »

Native Women Have to Work 9 Extra Months to Make the Same Salary as White Men Made Last Year 03September

Blog   |   Economic Justice   |   3 Comments   |   September 03, 2015

September 8 marks Native American women’s equal pay day, the day that the wages of American Indian and Alaska Native women catch up to the money white men earned last year. (It took about nine months, if you’re counting.) Read more »

Title IX’s Unintended Revolution for Women’s Athletics 01September

Four women sweep rowing in red, white, and blue uniforms
Blog   |   Education   |   September 01, 2015

One of the biggest unintended consequences of Title IX is that women athletes can now expect that they will have access to sports. Read more »

5 Women Scientists of AAUW’s War Relief Project 01September

Herta Leng. Image via Wikimedia Commons
Blog   |   Community   |   September 01, 2015

During World War II, AAUW offered scholarships and other services that helped Jewish scholars, including many women scientists, escape from Europe and parts of Asia. Read more »

5 Things I Learned from Losing an Election 31August

AAUW SAC member and Elect Her alumna Dana Smith presented one of the NCCWSL 2015 Women of Distinction.

Last year, I ran for student government president at Purdue University. I lost the election. However, I learned that there are other (more important) ways to define success. Read more »

Gender Equity Quiz: Would Your College Pass AAUW’s 1914 Accreditation Test? 25August

Young women in basketball uniforms stand next to an AAUW sign for Title IX
Blog   |   Education   |   August 25, 2015

Would your college or university pass AAUW’s 1914 accreditation test? Read more »