A Global Anthropologist Found the Worst Sexism Was at Home 11May

In her 1961 speech, AAUW Achievement Awardee Cora Du Bois called for advocates to continue marching for equality. Image via Google Images
Blog   |   Community   |   May 11, 2016

Cora Du Bois was a force to be reckoned with. In a field dominated by men, she made a name for herself. But Du Bois, the 1961 AAUW Achievement Awardee, realized that the United States still had a long way to go toward women’s equality. Read more »

Teaching through Big Bird: The Woman behind Sesame Street 09May

The season one cast of Sesame Street, the children’s show that Joan Ganz Cooney helped create. Image by Tom Simpson, Flickr Creative Commons
Blog   |   Community   |   May 09, 2016

As a young woman, 1984 AAUW Achievement Awardee Joan Ganz Cooney never imagined she’d become a successful television producer and creator of one of the most influential American children’s shows of all time. But her dedication to and passion for providing education to young people from all backgrounds spurred a beloved TV show and built a legacy of programming for children that continues to provide quality educational television around the world. Read more »

At Work, Dads Get a Bonus, but Moms Get a Penalty. What Gives? 06May

It typically takes working mothers 5 extra months to be paid what working fathers are paid in just one year.
Blog   |   Economic Justice   |   May 06, 2016

Women around the country “celebrated” Equal Pay Day on April 12, but mothers (and most women of color) have to wait even longer for their paychecks to catch up. May […] Read more »

My Hijab Inspired My Feminism 05May

Maha Saleem, AAUW National Student Advisory Council Member

Throughout her life as a Muslim Pakistani American feminist, Maha Saleem has gradually overcome barriers, challenged stereotypes, and become an example of intersectional feminism. Her experiences overcoming gender bias helped her discover a passion for empowering women and girls. Read more »

She Was Told to Stop Caring So Much for Her Students — So She Started Her Own School 03May

Marva Collins with some of her students in 1980.
Blog   |   Community   |   May 03, 2016

Marva Collins was told by a principal to “stop worrying” about and “expecting too much” from the children she taught. She decided to ignore that advice. Read more »

What I Found When I Looked Beyond the Statistics on Sexual Assault 02May

AAUW Staff on Denim Day
Blog   |   Advocacy   |   May 02, 2016

Sexual assault on college campuses has been a hot topic in the media lately. From Vice President Joe Biden’s advocacy for the It’s On Us campaign to compelling documentaries such […] Read more »

She Could Design a Bridge for This Gap…if You’d Let Her 02May

AAUW American Fellowship (1974-1975) recipient Catherine Pilachowski
Blog   |   Community   |   May 02, 2016

For as long as there have been engineers, there has been a gender gap in engineering (probably). Women’s struggle to break into the male-dominated profession is nothing new, but it is real, and it hurts us all. Read more »

Blazing Trails on the Stock Market Floor: Julia Montgomery Walsh 28April

black and white photo of woman sitting at desk and smiling
Blog   |   Community   |   April 28, 2016

Although women have made tremendous strides in the financial world, it’s still largely male dominated. However, more than 50 years ago, one AAUW member broke through barriers for women right on the floor of the stock exchange. Read more »

Finding Sisterhood with My AAUW Student Organization 25April

Ivelisse Porroa-Garcia tabling at UCLA for her AAUW student organization
Blog   |   Leadership   |   April 25, 2016

  I describe my journey with AAUW as a learning experience. The AAUW student organization at UCLA has allowed me to interact with students whose definition of feminism is different […] Read more »

The Achievement Award Series: Gerda Lerner 22April

Gerda Lerner, black and white photo
Blog   |   Community   |   April 22, 2016

  “I want to make women’s history respectable.” In this short phrase, 1986 AAUW Achievement Award recipient Gerda Lerner explained her quest to make an often overlooked aspect of history […] Read more »