Do My State Officials Care about My Equal Pay? 08April

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY). Image via Marc Herman, Flickr Commons.
Blog   |   Community   |   April 08, 2016

Every year governors across the country offer up their assessments of the state of their respective states. While each one undoubtedly claims, “The state of our state is strong,” it is unfortunately less common for governors to examine the issues that AAUW members prioritize. Read more »

Leadership and Wages Go Hand in Hand for Women 08April

Blog   |   Leadership   |   April 08, 2016

The gender wage gap has many causes: gender segregation across job sectors and industries, the science gap for women and girls, explicit wage discrimination, and expectations around parenting and caretaking, among others. But one important factor that contributes to the gender wage gap is the gender leadership gap. Read more »

How I Learned to (Successfully) Negotiate My Salary 07April

Sandra Butler knew the gender pay gap was a problem. But she didn’t know just how much this problem had likely already affected her life.

Sandra Butler knew the gender pay gap was a problem. But she didn’t know just how much this problem had likely already affected her life. “I wasn’t aware of how […] Read more »

She Should Be the Boss 04April

Bad for business: Women leaders make companies stronger and more profitable. Why are there still so few women executives? 63% white men, 24% white women, 2% black women, 1% Hispanic women, 1% Asian American women, less than 1% women of other racial and ethnic groups
Blog   |   Leadership   |   April 04, 2016

Leadership equity is a positive change for everyone. Evidence shows that having more women in management and leadership positions leads to greater engagement in the workforce. It also correlates with healthy profits. Read more »

10 Ways to Fight against Sexual Assault on Campus 04April

graphic showing the statistic that 1 in 5 women is a target of sexual assault while in college
Blog   |   Campus   |   7 Comments   |   April 04, 2016

The chance of a woman being sexual assaulted during college is about the same as her chance of catching the flu during an average year — except she can’t just take Nyquil and rest in bed for a few days. Here are some ways you can take action. Read more »

Leaders from the Treasury, Rolls Royce, NASA and More Discuss Women in Leadership 01April

The expert panel discussed bias, mentors, and women in leadership. Left to right: Charles Bolden, NASA administrator; Salli Frattini, awards show executive producer; Cokie Roberts, moderator and journalist; Anna Han, behavioral scientist; Diane Linen Powell, an adviser to startups and nonprofit organizations; and Rosie Rios, treasurer of the United States;  Not pictured: Marion Blakey, president and chief executive officer of Rolls-Royce North America. Photo credit: Maria Bryk/Newseum
Blog   |   Leadership   |   April 01, 2016

Moderated by journalist Cokie Roberts, the discussion on the research panel delved into the panelists’ personal experiences with gender bias and how they’re combating the longstanding misconception that women aren’t cut out to be leaders. Read more »

5 Black Women Founders and Inventors You Should Know 31March

Blog   |   Leadership   |   March 31, 2016

African American women have founded various organizations, they’ve been the masterminds behind innovative products, and they’ve paved the way for new generations’ thought leaders. Meet five of these champions of change who have solved medical mysteries, fought poverty, served on congressional committees, and helped lead the movements against racism, sexism, and class barriers. Read more »

How to Fight Your Own Implicit Biases 30March

gender bias
Blog   |   Leadership   |   1 Comments   |   March 30, 2016

There’s no way to be totally certain that we’re being 100 percent fair at all times. But there are concrete steps that individuals and institutions can take to reduce the effects of implicit bias. Read more »

Muslim Feminism in History: Halidé Edib Adivar 28March

black and white photo of woman
Blog   |   Community   |   March 28, 2016

Halidé Edib Adivar (1884–1964) was a Turkish novelist, feminist, and advocate for women’s rights who wore many hats during her lifetime. She was best known around the world for her writing, in which she criticized the lack of rights of Turkish women. Read more »

Navigating Ocean Conservation as a Woman of Color 25March

Johnson at work on the ocean
Blog   |   Community   |   March 25, 2016

2010–11 AAUW American Fellow Ayana Elizabeth Johnson works as an independent consultant with nonprofit organizations that specialize in ocean conservation. Being a leader and a woman of color in a white, male-dominated field has not come without its bumps in the road, but, she says, she refuses to allow these stereotypes to stop her from doing her job. Read more »