Elect Her; campaign poster

These Campus Women Won!

In 2015, 76 percent of Elect Her participants who reported running for office on campus won their campaigns. Meet some of the winners! Read more »

Legislative Tactic Could Revoke Paid Sick Days, Minimum Wage, and Other Laws Helping Women 25June

Three young women stand with a sign that says "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Blog   |   Advocacy   |   June 25, 2015

Many states are passing “preemption bills” that threaten existing legislation upholding AAUW policy issues like equal pay provisions, minimum wage increases, paid sick days, and LGBT safeguards. Read more »

4 Ways Young Women Can Take Action on Education Equity 25June

A headshot of Sarah Stitzlein

Whether you are teaching a young girl the importance of speaking up or reaching out to Title IX coordinators on your campus, know that there are ways to overcome sex discrimination for all women in schools. Read more »

The Unequal Fortunes of Professional Women Soccer Players 23June

Brazilian soccer superstar Marta Vieira kicks a soccer ball on a field
Blog   |   Economic Justice   |   June 23, 2015

Even the highest-paid women on the U.S. national team are paid millions — yes, millions — less than some of their male counterparts. Read more »

What Does It Take to Make a Woman Leader? 22June

Don McPherson, Lilly Ledbetter, Noorjahan Akbar, Marianne Schnall, and Kate Farrar at the convention panel
Blog   |   Leadership   |   June 22, 2015

In a world where the qualities of leadership are most often defined by men, how do we encourage more women to dare to become leaders? Read more »

Why We Talk about Equal Pay on Father’s Day 19June

A man and woman snuggle with their baby.
Blog   |   Economic Justice   |   June 19, 2015

Bias affects men and women differently if they have children. Read more »

Flexing Our Political Muscle: 40 Years of Lobby Corps Victories 19June

Lobby Corps members on the hill at 2015 STE launch in DC
Blog   |   Community   |   June 19, 2015

This team of women’s advocates has proven again and again that women can and should have a powerful voice in our country’s laws and policies. Read more »

A Year of Growth for Tech Savvy 17June

A group of middle school-age girls stand work around a science lab table.
Blog   |   Education   |   June 17, 2015

Our one-day program teaches girls about STEM through fun materials like ice cream, 3-D printing, and robots. Read more »

More than STEM Skills: My Tech Trek Experience 17June

Shannon Cholakian (center) with her fellow peer counselors at Tech Trek in 2010
Blog   |   Education   |   June 17, 2015

Even though the camp was only a week long, my experience helped me establish life skills I use daily, empowered me to pursue leadership positions, and motivated me to follow my passions. Here is exactly what Tech Trek taught me. Read more »

This Is What Happens When Women of Color Redefine the Racism and Sexism They Face 16June

A poster of an Asian American student that says, “I am constantly evolving.”
Blog   |   Campus   |   June 16, 2015

Terrorist. Bad driver. Pretty for a dark-skinned girl. Asian fetish. Blackish. Ratchet. China doll. Illegal. With advocacy projects, these college women called out the racist and sexist labels students face on a daily basis. Read more »