Hispanic women and Latinas are paid 54 cents for every dollar paid to white men in the United States.

How Would You Like to Work the Same Hours for Half the Pay? That’s the Gender Pay Gap for Latinas

Blog   |   Economic Justice   |   6 Comments   |   October 08, 2015

Thanks to the gender pay gap, Latinas are paid 54 percent of what non-Hispanic white men are paid. That means it takes Latinas almost an entire extra year of full-time, year-round work in order to be paid what the average white man took home by December 31. Read more »

States Notch Multiple Equal Pay Victories in 2017 13October

AAUW staff and interns rally on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC for equal pay on Equal Pay Day (2017).
Blog   |   Advocacy   |   October 13, 2017

Voters are fed up with the persistent gender pay gap, and many state legislators are listening. In 2015 and 2016 dozens of legislatures proposed and enacted bills and laws addressing […] Read more »

Student Debt through the Gender Lens 01September

Black ball and chain with the words "Student Loans" painted on them.
Blog   |   Economic Justice   |   September 01, 2017

The promise of higher education has meant that women now make up the majority of college students. But that advancement has come along with crushing student debt that disproportionately affects women. Read more »

Full Equity in Higher Education Remains Elusive 04August

A woman student wearing a graduation gown and cap with the words "Nevertheless, she persisted"
Blog   |   Community   |   August 04, 2017

It’s been a long time since women had to sit behind screens in the college classroom in order not to “disrupt” their male classmates, but we still haven’t reached full equity in higher education. Read more »

The Path to a Pay Gap Starts Early for Black Women and Girls 24July

Equal Pay Day, Pass Paycheck Fairness Act
Blog   |   Economic Justice   |   July 24, 2017

When it comes to the gender pay gap some women are penalized even more than others. AAUW’s The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap reveals that black women make only 63 percent of what non-Hispanic white men make. Read more »

4 Tips to Negotiating for the Salary and Benefits You’re Worth 19July

Blog   |   Career and Workplace   |   July 19, 2017

Ready to get paid what you’re worth? Follow these steps to successfully negotiate your salary and benefits package. Read more »

AAUW Remembers Betty Dukes, An Everyday Hero 14July

Blog   |   Advocacy   |   July 14, 2017

A former Walmart employee, an ordained minister, and a gender equity titan, Betty Dukes was an everyday hero. Read more »

Campus Leaders Share 5 Lessons on Confidence, Activism, and Allyship 14July

2016-2017 AAUW National Student Advisory Committee members pose in their school colors during their fall retreat in Washington, DC.

In October 2016, 10 campus leaders began a leadership journey as member of the AAUW National Student Advisory Council. As their responsibilities come to a close, they reflect on their top five takeaways from their experience. Read more »

Creating a Legacy: A Mother and Daughter Take On AAUW Lobby Day 2017 11July

AAUW members Barbara Price and her daughter Melissa Young.
Blog   |   Advocacy   |   July 11, 2017

In many ways lobbying lawmakers on Capitol Hill is second nature to me: It was part of my responsibilities while serving as the executive director of a statewide nonprofit for 20 years and as a member of AAUW. Read more »

Hear These Students Lead: Promoting Women’s Leadership through Spoken Word 29June

Five members of the University of the District of Columbia's AAUW Campus Action Project team stand with their leadership project poster for #HEARMELEAD.
Blog   |   Campus   |   June 29, 2017

On April 28, 2017, 25 student leaders performed spoken word poetry for a crowd of supporters at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC). Read more »

AAUW Convention: A Call to Action from CEO Kim Churches 28June

2017 aauw convention members talking
Blog   |   Advocacy   |   1 Comments   |   June 28, 2017

There’s nothing like entering a room of nearly 800 activists to get you fired up about the future of AAUW. Read more »