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That’s the Problem: Nothing.

Despite incremental change, the pay gap is closing at a glacial pace. Read The Simple Truth to learn what you can do. Read more »

Home-feature   |   October 15, 2017
Moon, trees, eerie haze on spooky Halloween night

12 Stats on Gender Equity That Are Scarier than Halloween

These realities are frightening, but each has an action step you can take now. Read more »

Home-feature   |   October 14, 2017
AAUW staff and interns rally on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC for equal pay on Equal Pay Day (2017).

State Equal Pay Victories for 2017

A whopping 42 states introduced legislative solutions to the gender pay gap this year. Find out what passed (and failed). Read more »

Home-slider   |   October 13, 2017
Supreme Court building

The Supreme Court Is Back in Session

Register for our October 25 preview call for a look at the U.S. Supreme Court calendar for the October 2017 term.
Read more »

Home-slider   |   October 06, 2017
IPG Alumnae, Diedie Wang

International Project Grants: Funds to Help You Support Women and Girls in Your Home Country

International Project Grants are available exclusively to former AAUW International Fellows to help you launch projects that will help women and girls in your home country. Read more »

Event   |   Education   |   September 29, 2017
Hispanic women and Latinas are paid 54 cents for every dollar paid to white men in the United States.

Take Action to Close the Gender Pay Gap on Latinas’ Equal Pay Day

Thursday, November 2, marks Latinas’ Equal Pay Day, the symbolic day when Hispanic and Latina women’s earnings “catch up” to non-Hispanic white men’s earnings from the previous year. Latinas are paid 54 percent of what non-Hispanic white men are paid. Read more »

Event   |   Advocacy   |   September 28, 2017
University of Queensland

Department of Education Announces Updated Title IX Policy

Secretary DeVos Rescinds Crucial Title IX Guidance Read more »

Home-slider   |   September 22, 2017

Register for the Verizon Women in Sales Webinar

As a follow-up to Verizon Wireless’s partnership with AAUW at the NCCWSL Career Fair, the Verizon Wireless team will present a webinar offering insight into the professional journey that awaits women pursuing a career in sales. Read more »

Event   |   Career and Workplace   |   September 15, 2017
National Student Advisory Council (SAC) member speaks during the 2017 AAUW Annual Meeting and Town Hall.

Fall AAUW Collaborative Membership Discussion Webinar

Membership is everyone’s concern. The AAUW Membership Committee is committed to engaging member leaders in quarterly conversations regarding recruitment, engagement, and retention. Read more »

Event   |   Community   |   September 06, 2017