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Beatrice Tinsley

This Astronomer Had
to Make the Hardest Career Choice

Imagine if you and your partner were both brilliant minds in the same field, but because you were refused any official academic appointment near home, you had to choose between your family and your career. Read more »

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Syracuse 2014

Webinar: Get the Inside Scoop on 2014–15 Campus Programs

Attend this webinar for an inside look at our campus-based leadership programs, information on how to apply, and a chance to ask questions about the process. Students, campus professionals, and AAUW members are welcome to attend. Read more »

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Myla Haider, Kori Cioca, and Trina McDonald at a survivor speak-out. Photo courtesy of Deb Zeitman.

Legal Advocacy Fund Cases

Kori Cioca always knew she wanted to join the military. As soon as she was eligible, she joined the Coast Guard. She thrived there, until one of her superiors began […] Read more »

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Oklahoma Tech Trek 2014

Upping the Innovation at Tech Trek

AAUW and the Verizon Foundation join forces to pilot a new app inventor course at our STEM camps for girls. Read more »

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Hobby Lobby homepage

What Does the Hobby Lobby Decision Mean?

According to the U.S. Supreme Court, an employee’s contraception
is her boss’s business
after all. This decision
could affect millions of women employees. Read more »

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A sign on a street that says Vote Here

49 Years Later, the Voting Rights Act Has Lost Its Bite

Last year the U.S. Supreme Court gutted the law that protected women and minorities from voting discrimination. This year you can act to fix that decision. Read more »

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Supreme Court Wrapup Member Call

This year the U.S. Supreme Court considered a number of cases with the potential to significantly affect the rights of women and girls. Read more »

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Photo by AAUW Colorado, Flickr

77 Cents
Tell the Whole Story

Once you break down the gender pay gap, you’ll find that the disparities for many women are worse than you thought. Read more »

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Ivonne Drinking Coffee

Calling All College/University Members: Let’s Take a Coffee Break

Are you a faculty or staff member from one of our college/university (C/U) partner member institutions? Then you’re invited to take a telephone coffee break with AAUW! Read more »

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campus project

Webinar: How to Apply for Funding for Your Campus Project

Are you in an AAUW student organization? Do you want to get funding for your campus projects? Join us on April 30 at 7 p.m. Eastern for a webinar with AAUW staff and student leaders to get tips and walk through the process of applying for funding at your school. Read more »

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