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Keita Wangari attending a Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

How to Be Successful in STEM: Tips from a Google Employee

AAUW Community Development Grantee and Google staff recruit Keita Wangari’s journey to working at a top-notch tech company has not been an easy one. Read more »

Home-slider   |   August 17, 2017

#addwomen in Engineering and Computing

A viral employee memo argues that women are ill-suited for tech jobs due to “biology,” not bias. We beg to differ, and our research proves it. Read more »

Home-feature   |   August 08, 2017
Julia Brown, AAUW life member and 2017-2019 AAUW Board Chair

2017–19 AAUW
Board of Directors

The AAUW national election results are in. Find out who will lead AAUW the next two years. Read more »

Home-slider   |   July 18, 2017
I am worth more.

Latinas Deserve More than 54 Cents to the Dollar! Join the #LatinaEqualPay Day Twitter Storm

Help AAUW mark #LatinaEqualPay Day by joining our November 1 Twitter storm where we’ll explain the gender pay gap, suggest solutions for it, and — with your help — agitate for change. Read more »

Event   |   Economic Justice   |   October 07, 2016