Deborah Swerdlow

Deborah Swerdlow is the AAUW grassroots advocacy coordinator. Her work focuses on educating and mobilizing AAUW’s members and supporters to take action on AAUW’s federal advocacy priorities. She also supports member advocacy activities in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia. Before working at AAUW, Deborah worked at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC), where she planned the organization's high school advocacy trainings and handled a portfolio of policy issues that included pay equity, reproductive rights, health care, and judicial nominations. Deborah holds bachelor's degrees in journalism and Middle Eastern studies from the University of Florida and is currently earning a master's in public administration from George Washington University. If you live in one of Deborah’s states, or if you have a question about AAUW’s Action Network or Washington Update, contact Deborah via e-mail or call her at 202.785.7704.
A young woman sits at a conference table with two people interviewing her.

3 Reasons Why You Should Negotiate Your Salary

Research shows I’m not the only woman who’s missed that opportunity to negotiate in my career. Read more »

Blog   |   Career and Workplace   |   4 Comments   |   March 20, 2014
A black and white photo of President Johnson shaking hands with a poor man on the porch of his old house.

Let’s Win the War on Poverty in Our Lifetime

As we mark the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty, here are three actions you can take right now to help secure a strong economic future for all women and families. Read more »

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Washington Update (January 10, 2014)

Based on recent news coverage, you might think the only thing that’s happened this week involved the closing of a certain bridge between New Jersey and New York. Au contraire! […] Read more »

  |     |   January 10, 2014

Washington Update (December 20, 2013)

It’s hard to believe this is our last issue of AAUW Washington Update in 2013 (while policy marches on, we’re giving you a well-deserved break for the holidays). Thank you […] Read more »

  |     |   December 20, 2013

Washington Update (December 13, 2013)

This week has been a mixed bag in Washington. On the plus side, the fact that the House of Representatives passed, and that the Senate is expected to also pass, […] Read more »

  |     |   December 13, 2013

Washington Update (December 6, 2013)

Computers are everywhere. They’re in our pockets. They’re in our cars. In fact, you’re probably reading this e-mail on a computer, tablet, or smartphone right now. And all of these […] Read more »

  |     |   December 06, 2013

How to Put Together an Issue Forum, Town Hall, or Tele-Town Hall

Issue forums, town halls, and tele-town halls are ways to gather people in your community and educate them about a specific issue. The basic steps for each event are the same, but you can customize the event depending on your audience and community. Read more »

Washington Update (November 22, 2013)

There’s been a lot of hype around the Senate’s action yesterday to adjust its rules for considering judicial and executive nominations. As usual, AAUW is here to cut through the […] Read more »

  |     |   November 22, 2013

Sign Advocates Up for the AAUW Action Network

Print out this worksheet for your events and meetings to collect contact information from your guests and attendees. You can use the contact information to follow-up with your potential new members and advocates, then type up for information and send it to to make sure they can become a two minute activist. Read more »

  |   , ,   |   November 21, 2013

Sample Media Materials

Sample Media Advisory A media advisory is used to alert the media to an upcoming event, and is sent three to five days in advance of the activity highlighted. Advisories […] Read more »