Quick Facts on Human Trafficking

In this downloadable, two-page document, AAUW outlines the importance of identifying labor and sex trafficking, both international and domestic. Read more »

Quick Facts on Higher Education

A college education is becoming increasingly important for employment, and AAUW believes it is critical to ensure that women have access to quality degree programs. In this downloadable, two-page document, […] Read more »

Quick Facts on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence in School

One pervasive problem that continues to hinder equity in education at every level of our nation’s schools is sexual harassment Read more »

Harassment began when I was 11-years-old written in sidewalk chalk on the street.

AAUW Issues: Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence in School

When campus environments are hostile because of sexual harassment, assault, or violence, students cannot learn, and they miss out on educational opportunities. AAUW’s own research revealed that two-thirds of college […] Read more »

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Quick Facts on Hate Crimes Prevention

AAUW believes that violent crimes motivated solely or primarily by bias or hatred intimidate communities and must end. In this downloadable, two-page document, AAUW outlines the importance of hate crimes […] Read more »

A young woman holds a sign reading "#meaningful #consent" in a protest

Schools Must Take New Steps to End Violence on Campus

The last stage of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act is now final, meaning that colleges and universities nationwide must do more to protect their students from dating violence, sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking. Read more »

Blog   |   Advocacy   |   October 20, 2014
A group of women stand together with the U.S. Department of Education seal behind them.

5 Takeaways from the White House Report on Campus Sexual Assault

A special White House task force just released its report and recommendations focused on ending sexual assault on campus. Read more »

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A girl laying in her mother's lap with a thermostat as her mother checks the temperature of her foreheard.

AAUW Issues: Paid Sick Days

Good for Employers and Employees Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance urges employers, regardless of the size of their business or services provided, to encourage sick workers to stay […] Read more »

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A woman talking on the phone and looking at her laptop with a daughter in her lap.

AAUW Issues: Work-Life Balance

FMLA: Unpaid Leave FMLA, signed into law in 1993, is a federal policy that provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave for eligible workers to take medical and […] Read more »

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Red flags planted in the grass.

Live Blog Covers New Campus Sexual Assault Rules

  Update April 2, 2014: Jump down to the bottom to see the final update. Stakeholders have come to an agreement on a final draft rule to implement the Campus […] Read more »

Blog   |   Campus   |   13 Comments   |   January 13, 2014