AAUW members and staff attended the Clinton Global Initiative University in St. Louis to celebrate our new strategic partnership.

Mission & Action — April 2013

AAUW NEWS Heartfelt Sympathies to Those Affected by Violence in Boston On a day that was supposed to memorialize the indomitable spirit of early Massachusetts patriots and symbolize the incredible […] Read more »

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Eight Leader Essentials for Finance Officers

Get information on a variety of topics every AAUW finance officer needs to know including budgeting and managing money, accounting principles and IRS regulations, keeping accurate records, paying dues, processing contributions, and more. Read more »

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State Membership Vice President (MVP) Position Description

AAUW state membership vice presidents oversee efforts to recruit and sustain a diverse, active membership in the state. Read more »


Student Membership Brochure

The AAUW student affiliates brochure outlines services and programs AAUW offers to help today’s campus leaders break through barriers on campus and in their futures. Students learn a lot inside […] Read more »

Mission & Action — March 2013

Snowe in New Orleans?! For the first time in six years, AAUW will be honoring an Achievement Award winner at our national convention. Recently retired, Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) was […] Read more »

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Branch Public Policy Chair Position Description

Public policy chairs (BR06) advocate for AAUW’s public policy priorities to policy makers. Chairs represent AAUW’s public policy priorities to elected and appointed officials, AAUW members, the public, and the media. Public policy chairs also lead AAUW voter education and turnout campaigns for branches. Read more »

Branch College/University (C/U) Relations Chair Position Description

Branch college/university (C/U) relations chairs (BR11) communicates with local colleges and universities, recruits and retains AAUW college/university partner members in her or his community, and helps to increase AAUW’s visibility on local campuses. Read more »

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Younger Women’s Task Force (YWTF)

  First-time members can join YWTF online for just $21! Read more »

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Group holding sign with new logo

AAUW Mission & Action — February 2013

Notice Anything New?! After months of hard work by member leaders and staff, we are proud to announce the new AAUW logo and website! The new logo — our first […] Read more »

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AAUW Fund Facts — Vol. 7, Issue 1

Chair’s Chat “Investing in women is the best thing you can do to create a more peaceful, more healthful, more productive society.” — Rep. Jan Schakowsky, from Secrets of Powerful […] Read more »

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