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3 Steps to Overcoming Negotiation Bias

Negotiating a fair starting salary is crucial because it helps determine future raises and bonuses. But gender bias and stereotypes create treacherous backlash for women at work. So how do you make sure you get paid what you’re worth? Read more »

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Fight for Fair Pay

Change Begins with You — and Takes Less Than Two Minutes Join the AAUW Action Network now: Read more »

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Myla Haider, Kori Cioca, and Trina McDonald at a survivor speak-out. Photo courtesy of Deb Zeitman.

Legal Advocacy Fund Cases

Recently Concluded Cases Wal-Mart Stores Inc. v. Dukes Kurz et al. v. Trustees of Indiana University et al. Moshak v. University of Tennessee Wartluft v. Feather River Community College Jaureguito v. […] Read more »

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Request a Salsa Policy State Alert and E-mail Blast

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Join AAUW Today

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A copy of the book "The Confidence Code" lying in the sand.

6 Ways You Can Help Close the Confidence Gap

The Confidence Code has spurred a lively debate about gender inequality in the workplace — should we be empowering women to be more confident or putting the pressure instead on longstanding cultural and legislative barriers? Well, we think it’s some of both. Read more »

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As AAUW continues to move forward in a changing world, so have our Strategic Plan and our Vision Statement.

AAUW Strategic Plan

As AAUW continues to move forward in a changing world, so have our Strategic Plan and our Vision Statement. Read more »

Memorandum from Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP: Affiliate Agreement

Any organization that uses AAUW’s name or logo must sign an Affiliate Agreement, a written agreement that delineates the rights and duties of both parties. Read more »


Who We Are

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Pay Equity Resource Kit

Equal Pay Day is Around the Corner! Our toolkit is a must-read for this symbolic day when women’s wages “catch up” to men’s from 2012. Read more »