Jessica Kelly

Jessica Kelly is the program manager in AAUW’s Campus Leadership Programs Department. She manages the Elect Her – Campus Women Win and $tart $mart programs. With master’s degrees in both women’s studies and higher education administration, Jessica is committed to working with women leaders on college campuses.

Elect Her – Campus Women Win Sites

Fifty campuses will host Elect Her sessions in 2013–14. Elect Her – Campus Women Win is the only program in the country that encourages and trains college women to run for student government and future political office. Read more »

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$tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshop Sites

$tart $mart delivered more than 400 workshops at colleges, universities, and other sites across the country. $tart $mart has a presence in 47 states, and more than 800 facilitators have been trained. Read more »

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$tart $mart Program in a Box

$tart $mart salary negotiation workshops empower college women to overcome the gender wage gap and teach them to benchmark and negotiate for a fair and equitable salary when they enter the job market. Find out how AAUW members can get involved with $tart $mart. Read more »

A group of colelge women wearing yellow Elect Her shirts stand around their teacher.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Apply for Campus Leadership Programs!

Each year, AAUW’s campus programs are part of the journey for thousands of college women on their way to being the next generation of leaders. Today, the adventure begins as applications open for three of these programs. Read more »

Article   |   Campus   |   August 21, 2013

Apply to Host an Elect Her Training

Elect Her — Campus Women Win will be expanding to 50 campuses around the nation next year. Teams of a campus administrator, student liaison, and AAUW liaison work together to plan and execute the training on campus, and any of those three people can apply. Read more »

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Ana Morales's election poster.

Can a Woman Be President? Just Ask These Ladies!

As President Barack Obama’s second term gets underway, speculation is already running rampant over who will run next. Will our next president be a woman? It’s an important question, but […] Read more »

Cynthia Lummis

Campaign Networking Goes Digital with Elect Her

What comes to mind when you’re told you are attending a networking event? Are you excited at the idea of meeting new people? Are you dreading it, as an introvert […] Read more »

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Elect Her Facilitator Speakers Bureau

If the 4.5-hour Elect Her–Campus Women Win training is not a good fit for your college or university, bring one of our expert facilitators to your campus for a keynote speech or workshop. Read more »

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The Elect Her Initiative

The Elect Her initiative, a collaboration between AAUW, Running Start, and She Should Run, provides a continuum of programming aimed at building the pipeline of young women running for office at all levels. Read more »

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$tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshops: Testimonials

“The $tart $mart workshop taught me to be my own advocate and about the importance of equity.” Learn more about how to bring a $tart $mart workshop to a campus near you Read more »