Meet Steffi Domike: Artist and Activist

On September 11, 1973, one country’s world was turned upside down. Known domestically as “el otro once de septiembre” (“the other September 11”), that day on the Chilean calendar marks […] Read more »

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National Mentoring Month: Holding Out for a Mentor

I did not graduate into a quarter-life crisis. Being handed my diploma and finally moving out of a dorm did not bring on attacks of panic or the specter of […] Read more »

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An Interview with Dancer Lucy Bowen McCauley

“If you can’t make your passion your vocation, make it your avocation.” Arlington magazine calls her the city’s “favorite redhead.” The Washington Post praises her “warmth of personality” and “earnest […] Read more »

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Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Celebrates Centennial

“Oh, what a wonderful time to be a Delta!” will likely be chanted across the globe in the next week as the sisters of Delta Sigma Theta celebrate 100 years […] Read more »

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She Won’t Wait in Line: Reshma Saujani, 2013 Woman of Distinction

Reshma Saujani was born in the United States to Ugandan refugee parents fleeing Idi Amin’s violent dictatorship. Her parents’ experiences in Uganda triggered a personal concern in Saujani for the […] Read more »

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Following the Fellows 2012: A Year of Accomplishments

2012 has been a year of memorable accomplishments for AAUW’s many fellowships and grants recipients. Last week we highlighted some fellows from our 2012 Following the Fellows series; this week […] Read more »

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Jody Agius Vallejo

Meet Jody Aguis Vallejo: Sociologist and Fighter for Equality

In honor of National Hispanic American Heritage Month, which continues through October 15, we want to recognize 2011–12 American Fellow Jody Aguis Vallejo, who took on the intricate and complex […] Read more »

Anju Devkota, left, with AAUW member Jane Roberts, author of "34 Million Friends of the Women of the World"

The End of One Fellowship Year Marks the Start of the Next

Our 2011–12 fellowships and grants recipients are moving on to new ventures, and we’re excited to welcome our new class of fellows. Read more »

Blog   |   Education   |   August 01, 2012

The Simple Truth

Before I started working at AAUW, I never really gave much thought to the gender pay gap. Sure, I knew it existed. I knew the numbers — women make 77 cents, on average, for every dollar earned by men — and I wasn’t pleased about it, but that was about the extent of my concern. Read more »

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Fellow of the 50's

Following the Fellows of the 1950s

We invite you once again to look back at the history of AAUW’s famous and influential fellows — this time, we’ll focus on the exciting work of alumnae in the 1950s. Read more »