Can a Woman Be President? Just Ask These Ladies!

May 03, 2013

As President Barack Obama’s second term gets underway, speculation is already running rampant over who will run next. Will our next president be a woman? It’s an important question, but one that college students all over the country have already answered with a resounding yes. While women are making slow gains in political parity at the federal level (2012’s bump from 17 percent to 18 percent representation in Congress is not much), college women have been stepping up to leadership roles in student government in much larger numbers.

Elect Her–Campus Women Win expands the pipeline for women running for office by encouraging and training college women to run for student government. This year, a record number of Elect Her alumnae have gone on to run for student government president, with women running for the top seat at 16 of our 38 sites! This is great news, especially given new research showing that the political ambition gap starts while women are in school. With some elections still underway, the overwhelming majority of Elect Her presidential candidates have won their races. We can’t wait to see these women lead their universities in the coming year. View the slideshow below to meet some of these amazing women leaders.

Ana Morales was recently elected president of the Denison Campus Governance Association for 2013–14.

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“I am just very excited that this happened. Before I was going to run, I was trying to find ways to talk myself out of it, so I told my Elect Her advisor, Marci, and asked her to please keep me encouraged — and she did. Even in times that I doubted myself, I had great support. I ran an organized and coordinated campaign of about 50-plus students, and we won the election.”

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