Campaign Networking Goes Digital with Elect Her

February 15, 2013

What comes to mind when you’re told you are attending a networking event? Are you excited at the idea of meeting new people? Are you dreading it, as an introvert whose energy gets drained easily by big crowds? Or are you rolling your eyes at the prospect of another evening of forced conversation made more awkward by fumbling appetizer plates and business card holders? In any given room, there are likely people who react in all of these ways and more.

Luckily, at Elect Her–Campus Women Win trainings, AAUW and Running Start help college women build the skills they need to run for student government. The trainings also help demystify things like networking and show how easy it can be with just a little practice.

In today’s digital world, networking is no longer just a face-to-face activity. This year, Elect Her is focusing on building social networking skills and showing how college women can use their online profiles to build relationships. At each of the 38 Elect Her campus sites this year, we encourage everyone to participate in person but also to share their thoughts about the training on a second screen (tablet, smartphone) and see what attendees at trainings across the country are learning. With facilitators and speakers also joining the online conversation, attendees can practice thoughtful and intentional social networking.

On February 2, we kicked off the 2013 Elect Her season with workshops at four different campuses, and Elect Her social media was all atwitter (corny pun intended). Check out some of the best tweets and photos from that busy weekend! Social networking enables everyone involved with Elect Her to make deeper connections with more people, whether it’s responding to a tweet from an attendee at another campus or following up with an inspiring speaker to continue the conversation beyond her remarks. Engaged college administrators are also tweeting their support to the student leaders to encourage their activism.

You can be part of the Elect Her network, too! Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

Jessica Kelly By:   |   February 15, 2013