6 Reasons Why You Should Become an E-Student Affiliate!

October 07, 2013

Becoming an E-Student Affiliate is Easy

At AAUW, a huge part of our work is for you, college students who are empowering women on your campuses and in your community. Join AAUW to gain access to our resources and networks, to be among the leaders of today, and to become the leaders of tomorrow changing our world. Give a minute; gain a lifelong community of leaders! Here are our top six reasons to join.

1. You can make an impact on your campus and in your community.

Slutwalk Student Org

Students are using AAUW resources to rally and empower other students and to “be the change” on their campuses.


2. You gain access to a network of leaders, mentors, and friends.

Lilly Ledbetter with E-SAF members

Students join a network of more than 170,000 members and supporters. Students can also connect with their local branch or form their own student organization.


3. You develop leadership skills.

NCCWSL group in front of bus

AAUW offers many campus leadership programs. Join hundreds of other college students next year for the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. You can also bring leadership trainings like Elect Her – Campus Women Win to your own campus, or take what you learn at NCCWSL and bring it back to your school.


4. You can find your voice.

The 2013 NCCWSL Women of Distinction pose with the AAUW Student Advisory Council for an Instagram.

Whether you attend the Finding Your Voice session at NCCWSL, use our advocacy resources, or become a two-minute activist, we help E-SAFs speak up and take action.


5. You join a legacy of women who have changed and will change the world.

A black-and-white photograph of a group of women, including Helen Thomas, sitting around a table.

Since 1881, many AAUW members have shaped and changed the world. As students, you are the emerging leaders among us, making a change in today’s world.


6. Enjoy the perks!


E-SAFs get access to Outlook, our award-winning magazine where we explore issues related to women in education and the workplace, including Title IX, sexual harassment, and activism! You’re also first in line in the application review process for programs like Campus Action Projects and the National Student Advisory Council.


Best of all, it’s free! Join AAUW, tell your friends, and start an AAUW student organization right on your campus. If one exists, join, and make them a stronger, louder force on campus! Join the dozens of other AAUW student organizations across the country to engage on gender-equity issues and connect with a larger network of local and national AAUW members and supporters.

Join AAUW for Free Today

1. Make sure your school is a college/university partner member.
2. Fill out this short form.

Remember, e-student affiliation is free if you attend a partner institution, but all students are welcome to join (for all the same reasons) for just $17!

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  1. […] before her daughters’ project, joined the Austin branch and signed up her older daughter as an e-student affiliate. Similarly inspired, the mothers of the other students in the National History Day group also […]

  2. Marianne Ahokas says:

    My institution just joined AAUW, and we’re committed to signing up students, but there’s no simple way to navigate to this page, and no simple URL to give them! You’ve got to streamline the navigation to this form or students will get frustrated and not bother!

  3. Donna Lilly says:

    La Palma-Cerritos just signed up 40 e-student affiliates at a recent club day meet on the campus of Cerritos College, California, and the event was published in their local newspaper “Talon Marks.” Way to go!

  4. […] For free if your school is on the list of C/U partners […]

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