Meet Your New Board!

June 11, 2013


Congratulations to the members of the 2013–15 AAUW Board of Directors:

Patricia Fae Ho, 2013-15 AAUW President

Patricia Fae Ho, 2013-15 AAUW President

AAUW President

Patricia Fae Ho

AAUW Vice President

Julia T. Brown

AAUW Directors

Amy Blackwell
Kathryn Braeman
Sandra Camillo
Malinda Gaul
Charmen Goehring
Sally Anne Goodson
Eileen S. Hartmann
Rosalynd Homer
David Kirkwood
Betsy McDowell
Rebecca Norlander
Pam Thiel
Peggy Ryan Williams

In addition to selecting the new board, AAUW members also voted to approve all the proposed changes to the AAUW Public Policy Program, as well as one change to the AAUW Bylaws. Read more about your new board on the Board of Directors page.

Thank you for voting!

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