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March 15, 2013
AAUW’s new color palette

AAUW’s new color palette

This is an exciting time to be an AAUW member. As we take steps to move forward and look to our future with a new logo and color palette, we want to make sure we continue to honor our history. With the launch of our new look, there has been some confusion around the question of teal. We know how our ladies love teal — after all, we have been called the Big Teal Machine. But even though teal is no longer in the AAUW logo, let me assure you that teal is still, and will always be, welcomed by the AAUW community.

When finalizing the new color palette, the idea of keeping teal in the mix was always one of our goals. Our two primary colors, leaf green and admiral blue, are a true complement to teal. The reason this works so well is because to make teal, you have to start with basic shades of blue and green. You can’t have teal without either one.

Color is powerful. It can make us feel happy or sad, calm or stressed. Have you ever noticed how adding a bright color to a rainy-day ensemble can instantly put a smile on your face? As AAUW’s art director and resident fashionista, I spend my days thinking about color and its emotional impact. I routinely feature vibrant, colorful outfits on my personal fashion and design blog, and I truly understand how color can stir our emotions. This is especially true of colors that we associate with memories — and teal is inextricably linked with so many of our AAUW experiences.

With that in mind, I have come up with several suggestions for how you can incorporate our new colors with your existing teal clothing and accessories. So check out these color combinations. And if you’re feeling especially creative, try throwing in some of our accent colors too.

Hope to see all of your leaf green, admiral blue, AND teal at convention!

Try adding a perfect-ruby bracelet for a pop of color.

Try adding a perfect-ruby bracelet for a pop of color.

Throw in an eggplant-colored accessory for accent.

Throw in an eggplant-colored accessory for accent.

Teal matches very well with the leaf green and admiral blue of the new AAUW logo.

Teal matches very well with the leaf green and admiral blue of the new AAUW logo.

This post was written by AAUW Art Director Mukti Desai.

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  1. Diane Sakmar says:

    I’ve been an AAUW member — and occasionally a branch officer — for 30 years. I must have been in the closet or something when the logo was changed — It caught me completely by surprise! Is there an explanation somewhere on the site about the reason for the change? (The timing seems odd coming on the heels of our big 130th anniversary celebration.) Is there symbolic significance in the design, as there was in the old one? I’m really dismayed — it is soooooo much less attractive than the old one, both the design itself and the color. Please enlighten me so that maybe I can have a reason to dislike it less. 🙁

  2. Jeannie Best says:

    Abilene Branch, AAUW Texas has been VERY HARD at work preparing for our 4th annual scholarship fundraiser “Women of Outstanding Achievement” in early April. This year our event committee made the huge decision to market ourselves and our scholarship opportunities on a grander scale. This meant a name change (“Women of Outstanding / Women of Promise & Courage”) and ‘logo’ changes. Ok, got that project under control… or so I thought…. And along comes National with…one more major logo AND color scheme change…. Our branch has now been working for the past few weeks with this change (yes, lots of work, many hours)

    At first I thought, ‘hum-mm?, OK, can’t change it, we’ll go with the flow.’ At this point I can honestly say…I LIKE THE NEW LOGO and I LIKE THE COLORS! (of course, my husband immediately LOVED the changes National has made… but then, he works in the media area & possess the gift of color & design)

    Thank you Mukti!!! for this blog featuring the new ‘color palette’ You have given me so many ideas with which to play. Now I can actually whip out this handy-dandy blog with visuals (once I print a hard copy) and say (excitedly), “Wow, look at the possibilities….and we can still incorporate ‘teal’ …The world has not stopped turning and the sky is not falling….I am feeling ’empowered’ !!!!!!!!

  3. Penna North says:

    Are fashion tips on how not to have your clothes clash with the new logo really the image that we wish to project on the national website?

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