The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012

December 28, 2012


We’re throwing our hat into the lists-of-2012 ring with a roundup of our top 10 most popular blog posts. From analysis of television and pop culture to updates on our work to empower women, these posts illustrate the work we’ve done together.

10. Make Every Day International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, we highlighted five former AAUW International Fellows who are empowering women across the globe.

9. Engage with the Presidential Debate: Play Bingo!

AAUW created our very own bingo cards to help readers engage in (or stay awake for) the presidential debates.

8. When Humor Crosses the Line

Drawing from AAUW’s research report Crossing the Line, as well as his own experiences as a comic strip creator, Patrick McGann of Men Can Stop Rape explored how humor can turn into sexual harassment.

7. From AAUW Fellow to MSNBC Host

A week before Melissa Harris-Perry launched her own TV show on MSNBC, AAUW interviewed the fellowship alumna on her rise as an academic and a political analyst.

6. Why Voter-ID Laws Are Bad for Women, the Elderly, and Everyone

AAUW Outlook Editor Hannah Moulton Belec makes a compelling case as to why voter-identification laws are nothing more than “old-fashioned voter suppression.”

5. Call to Action: Stop Rush

Two weeks after AAUW hosted Sandra Fluke at our national office, Rush Limbaugh used his bully pulpit to make offensive remarks about her. This post called on AAUW members and supporters to stand up for Sandra.

4. On Contraception, AAUW Makes Sure Women Will Be Heard

Sandra Fluke, Sara Hutchinson from Catholics for Choice, Washington Post writer Ann Gerhart, and AAUW’s own lobbyist Lisa Maatz sat down for a panel discussion on why birth control was still an issue in 2012. This post profiles the February event.

3. Five Ways to Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

Featuring a video celebrating women’s gains since getting the right to vote in 1920, this post encouraged readers to celebrate the 19th Amendment’s birthday by getting ready for the 2012 election.

2. Holiday Gift Guide for Girls

The holidays are coming to a close, but this list of empowering, gender-neutral gift ideas will be useful for any gift-giving occasion.

1. Our Favorite On-screen Women in STEM

Kids watch a lot of TV, which is why female characters playing nontraditional career women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are so important. This post features TV and movie characters who make great role models for girls.

We wouldn’t have a top 10 list if it weren’t for you — our readers. On behalf of all the blog’s writers and editors, thank you for reading in 2012. We’ll see you next year.

Happy holidays!

Rachel Wallace By:   |   December 28, 2012

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