AAUW Is Active on Election Day

November 06, 2012

Today, Election Day, the entire AAUW staff of almost 100 people made get-out-the-vote reminder calls to young women. By 2 p.m., we had made almost 1,500 calls. For some staffers, it was their first time phone banking, and some called more than 100 people each. Staffers also worked a table outside to distribute AAUW materials and Election Day swag to people passing by our national office, which is located just two blocks from the White House.

As AAUW CEO Linda Hallman said, “Taking an entire day of staff time to join our membership in getting out the women’s vote is a significant investment of our resources, but it’s critical when we consider what’s at stake for women in this election. It’s time for all hands on deck.”

AAUW volunteers take a break from phone banking.

Shana takes a break from phone banking. She says voting is important to her because it’s important to set a good example for future generations — something she’s very concerned about!

Everyone at AAUW got involved! Executive Director Linda Hallman made calls to remind people in Ohio to vote.

We start them early at AAUW! Suzanne’s daughters had the day off from school, so they helped their mom make calls.

AAUW staff, including Executive Director Linda Hallman, chat with passersby about voting.

Today was Jennifer’s first time phone banking.

Today wasn’t just Latoya’s first time phone banking — it was her first day as an AAUW staffer!

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  1. Patricia Ho says:

    Thank you and congratulations to our persevering staff. We are so very proud of your commitment to advocacy and action for AAUW.

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