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October 09, 2012

Throughout the campaign season, both presidential candidates have worked to woo women voters with campaign ads, stump speeches, and party conventions. But when the time came for President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney to talk to each other at the first presidential debate in Denver, women were no longer part of the conversation.

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Luckily, the candidates have a second chance. On Tuesday, October 16, Obama and Romney will meet again to debate how our country can best address domestic and foreign policy issues. With CNN’s Candy Crowley as the moderator, this town hall debate is the perfect setting for the candidates to say exactly where they stand on women’s issues and to talk directly to women. Obama and Romney can start by actually saying the word “women”!

You can make this happen by tweeting one simple message today and every day leading up to the October 16 presidential debate:

10/16 is your chance, @MittRomney & @BarackObama: Talk to women!  #Women1016 #fem2 #AAUW #Debates Plz RT!

Is there a particular issue you care about? We’ve purposefully made this tweet short so that you can add your own hashtag. Here are some suggested hashtags to personalize your tweet:

















These are nonpartisan issues that demand answers from both candidates. With that in mind, we hope you will include both candidates’ handles in the tweet — and use #Women1016 so we can keep track of the conversation.

You can also share this blog with friends and family who want to help the candidates focus on women. With your help, we can make sure the candidates hear women, talk to women, and address the issues we care about.

Rachel Wallace By:   |   October 09, 2012


  1. Carolyn Holloway says:

    I would like you to discuss women #reprorights, #equalpay, #jobs.

  2. Bobbi Burdick says:

    Please stop putting issues concerning women on the back burner. We want to hear what you would do to push forward with issues protecting women’s rights. I hope the narrator, Candy Crowley makes each candidate answer the questions ask in a truthful manner.

  3. Karen J.K. North says:

    #education Long version of Tweet – I hope others concerned about women will learn about this: Research from AAUW Why So Few Women in STEM fields shows lack of Spatial Reasoning a major factor. Yet, teachers rarely have the time to support the hands-on projects needed. What are you going to do to address this made worse by LNCB legislation?

  4. Jackie Hillyer says:

    I would like you to discuss women #reprorights, #equal pay, #VAWA, # education, #equal rights amendment

  5. DHFabian says:

    I’m pretty sure they will talk to women who are middle class or rich. Unfortunately, Americans do not regard poor women as being equal citizens worthy of consideration. Women are disproportionately poor/low-income, so our public and political discussion excludes a considerable portion of the women in the US.

  6. Katie Romanchuk says:

    Yes – reproduction rights/family planning/birth control, sex education, healthcare/ gay rights. Environment too please, protect Mother Earth! Over population issues in regard to natural resources and protecting our earth for our great grand children. The long term prospective, what will you do about it?

  7. nancy veits says:

    greetings, i’d like to hear the two of them talk about the economy and the huge debt–that’s what’s holding women back !! (~.~)

  8. Debbie Hobbs Recob says:

    I would like to hear a discussion on #jobs, #healthcare and #STEM, #ACA and #education

  9. Grace Stewart says:

    Having lost a pregnancy, I’m dead set against abortion in principle, but I nor anyone else has a right to choose for another person. Talk to us about reproduction rights.

  10. Mary Cutting says:

    Women’s issues are important and relevant to everyone!

  11. Edith Robbins says:

    I would like to see a reinstatement of Social Security benefits for children who get benefits now that are cut off at 18 thanks to President Reagan. Right when they need that money the most for college, they have it taken away from them. Please let them keep their Social Security benefits while they are in college.

  12. katskreati says:

    I would like for Mitt Romney to explain his and Ryan’s views on womens rights, i.e. equal pay (why did Ryan vote against equal pay bills) and women’s rights to decide on their own body, i.e. birth control and abortion.

  13. sandra padilla says:

    #pell grants, #student loans, #minimumwage, #birthcontrol, #healthcare, #reprorights, #ACA, #stem: all these are important issues to me. I want women to benefit from them. They need to go to school, stay healthy, have choices about their bodies so that they are assets to our country and/or the world.

  14. Barbara Hilburn says:

    Please indicate your views on preventative heathcare and on birth control.

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