Engage with the Presidential Debate: Play Bingo!

October 02, 2012

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“In 1858, there was a great debate between [Abraham] Lincoln and [Stephen] Douglas in Illinois State.”

I was in fourth grade during the 2000 presidential election between then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore. Because this was, in my sentient memory, my first real election, I was phenomenally excited. It was my greatest dream to become a very official businesswoman, and as everyone knows, businesswomen love politics. So, I loved politics.

One way that I expressed this love was by engaging with the presidential debates, which I saw as fierce battles of minds for the hearts and dreams of the American people. Along with my class, I made up a song about the history of presidential debates. We were so proud to have found a rhyme for Kennedy — TV — and we even performed our song during our school’s election program. Naturally, I was in bed during the actual debates.

Click here to get your bingo cards!

Historically, some debates merited an early bed time, while others have been worth the wait. Without knowing what tomorrow night’s debate will bring, we present to you a presidential debate bingo game. These cards will help you engage in the conversation — or at the very least, stay awake.

So watch the debate (perhaps at a party!), play along, and pay close attention as each candidate addresses the issues that have defined this election and that continue to affect women everywhere.

This post was written by AAUW Social Media Intern Brittany Edwardes.

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  2. Disappointingly, many of these important topics were not discussed, or even touched upon.

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