A Big Speech, an Empty Chair, and a Balloon Drop

August 31, 2012

AAUW Director of Public Policy and Government Relations Lisa Maatz reported from the Republican National Convention this week and will report from the Democratic National Convention next week. Follow her updates at AAUW Dialog, on Facebook, and @LisaMaatz on Twitter.

The final night of the Republican National Convention brought the expected — Gov. Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech and the balloon drop — and the unexpected — actor Clint Eastwood’s conversation with an empty chair. Regardless, it capped off an exciting few days during which I talked about AAUW priorities with delegates, party power brokers, and advocates by day and live-tweeted speeches from the convention hall at night. I was able to share my reactions and interact with you as the events unfolded. Catch up on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s action, and read below for an on-the-scene look at Thursday’s speeches.

August 30, 2012, 8:12 p.m.

#AAUW #GOP2012 RT @ezraklein: Condi and Jeb Bush have put heavy emphasis on education reform — as George W. Bush did in 2000.

THIS RT @realsaramerica: Which is why we get morons elected. RT @DrLearnALot: ‘Honey :Boo Boo’ beats GOP in ratings http://t.co/AJNWDy5a

‘What the *#@% Is Wrong With Republican Men?!’ asks GOP columnist Kathleen Parker http://t.co/v9tUuWic via @newsweek #GOP2012 #AAUW

While GOP convention emphasizes diversity, racial incidents intrude http://t.co/M8VI6fUx #GOP2012 #AAUW

Check out @RepPaulRyan’s record with #AAUW: Congressional Voting Record | @AAUWActionFund http://t.co/a8p9KEFb #GOP2012 #itsmyvote

RT @140elect: The #RomneyRyan2012 tag has been used about 7,500 times today, and their campaign is spending at least $120,000 to promote it. $16 per tweet.

RT @2012twit: Top tags in mentions of @MittRomney past 24hrs: #GOP2012 #WeCanChangeIt #tcot #RNC2012 #RNC #RomneyRyan2012 #WeBuiltIt #p2 #gop #Megaupload

RT @2012twit: 700,000 Twitter mentions for the #RNC today — twice the volume of yesterday. See the top tweets and speech reactions http://t.co/nzmdnsCJ

I got 2 meet Kerry Healey Tues. She’s co-chair of Political Parity, a bipartisan group working to get more women into office. #GOP2012 #AAUW

Jan Edmunds talking abt Romney’s commitment 2 put more women in leadership. Increased numbers in MA. I’d like 2know more #GOP2012 #AAUW

Five-time Olympic Medalist Kim Rhode: “It’s safe 2 say we showed the world that American women are a force 2 B reckoned with.” #AAUW #GOP2012

RT @CNNPolitics: Eastwood says Obama administration hasn’t done enough for economy. “It may be time for someone else to come along and solve the problem.”

This is simply bizarre. Rambling, talking to a chair. Am I dreaming? Clint? Crowd is making best of it, but lots of cringing #AAUW #GOP2012

What is this, the state of the union speech? Hmm. What do you think? Is this entry via convention floor a good idea? #GOP2012 #AAUW

“I accept ur nomination 2 B president of United States!” w/those words, Mitt Romney opens flood gates of general election $$. #GOP2012 #AAUW

Mitt Romney’s mom: “Why should women have any less say in the gr8 decisions of this country than men?” #AAUW #GOP2012

“I knew her job as a mom was harder than mine. I also knew it was more imp than mine.” — Mitt Romney. Sincere or pandering? #GOP2012 #AAUW

RT @richardwolffedc: I wonder if Mitt Romney will make any mention of his previous job in public service. When he reformed health care. And was pro-choice.

Crowd is trying hard 2 B excited abt Mitt Romney. To like him, to connect. A lot more effort 2 do that than last night w/Ryan. #AAUW #GOP2012

Yikes. #AAUW #GOP2012 RT @Lehigh389: RT @danprimack: Today’s Bain Capital has 22 managing directors in private equity group. Zero women.

Is it working? #AAUW MT @sullydish: If #GOP2012 has been abt anything its abt trying 2 narrow gender gap. It’s been almost overwhelming http://t.co/HesDkAlp

That’s one way to describe it, I guess. #AAUW #GOP2012 RT @WSJwashington: Clint Eastwood Offers Off-Script Moment http://t.co/udez2Mzn

Twitter is just killing it right now RT @ibenjaminbarnes: hmm .. RT @elmorse: I hope at #DNC Betty White interviews Romney’s tax returns

August 31, 2012, 12:16 a.m.

I’m packing my bags and heading north to Charlotte, North Carolina, for the Democratic National Convention, where I will again keep you posted through blogs, Facebook, and live-tweeting of the major speeches. I hope to see you in Charlotte — or online — to discuss AAUW priorities and convention happenings.

Lisa Maatz By:   |   August 31, 2012


  1. Carol A. James says:

    Go, Lisa! Great hearing your take on all this. Carol James, AAUW MN

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