Who in Women’s History Influenced You?

March 05, 2012

For many Americans, women’s history begins and ends with the Susan B. Anthonys and Elizabeth Cady Stantons of the women’s suffrage movement. While these ladies are important historical figures worthy of recognition, there are countless others who have also shaped the world we know today, and we would like to explore their stories.

So dig deep and tell us who you’ve been influenced by, whether they’re names we’d recognize or not. Let us know what you come up with by taking our first Women’s History Month poll to help us identify the ladies who have inspired you the most.

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This post was written by AAUW Marketing and Communications Intern Marie Lindberg.

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  1. Shirley Chislom, Sojourner Truth, Audrey Lorde, Angela Davis, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Peggy Mcintosh, Coretta Scott King….and many others who have not only played a role in helping to formulate my own approach to social justice, but who have also transformed the historical landscape as well.

  2. JP Gal says:

    Sarah Wilson, the benefactor for whom Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA, was named. Wilson College was founded in 1869, is one of about 50 women’s colleges remaining in the country, and is my alma mater. Attending college there changed my life and made me the person I am today.

    No other women’s college in the country was financed by a woman and named after a woman. This is a firecely independent and wonderful little school, and it continues to change women’s lives today!

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