Reflecting on Three Days of Leadership

June 09, 2011

The nontraditional students who attended and connected at NCCWSL called themselves fine wines ‘because we get better with age.’

During the closing session of the National Conference for College Women Studies Leaders, attendees took some time to think about what they learned during their three days together. The session, called Learn. Lead. Network. Act., asked attendees to think about the skills they gained at the conference and the people who had the biggest influence on them. Here are some of the reflections the women shared:

  • Organization skills include being able to organize your time and making sure you set aside enough “me time” during the week.
  • The conference served as a reminder to some of what they have already been doing well and was a time to stop, reflect, and pat themselves on the back!
  • These days, good communication skills need to include using online social networking to its fullest.
  • Listening is a big part of leadership — it is important to sit back and listen to others instead of always diving into the conversation first.
  • Professionalism does not have to equal seriousness! It is possible to be professional and have a sense of humor too.

During the guided reflection, a group of nontraditional students took it upon themselves to get together and reflect on their unique experience. They greeted each other with big hugs and promised to support one another in the future as they juggle school, motherhood, and full-time jobs, among many other things. Following their lead, the rest of the room then exchanged contact information with five other attendees so that everyone left the conference with a network of support for the future. Plus, they now know plenty of ways to stay connected not only with each other but also with AAUW and NASPA!

This post was written by AAUW Leadership Programs Intern Jessica Kelly.

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