AAUW Fellow Attends Clinton Global Initiative Meeting

April 13, 2011

After they complete their fellowships, our alumnae go on to accomplish some pretty amazing things! Several of them have become involved in campus activism, advocating for everything from environmental policy to human rights. Esther Ngumbi, a 2007–08 AAUW International Fellow, recently attended the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) annual meeting in San Diego to learn more about youth and student activism.

Building on the model of theClinton Global Initiative, which brings together world leaders to take action on global challenges, President Bill Clinton launched the Clinton Global Initiative University in 2007 to engage the next generation of leaders on college campuses around the world.

Ngumbi was thrilled to be at this event, as she describes below:

I was lucky to have been selected to attend the 2011 Clinton Global Initiative University annual meeting. … This allowed me to connect with 1,000 other students representing 349 schools, 90 countries, and all 50 states. The meeting was organized along plenary sessions chaired by President Clinton as well as smaller working group sessions offering us attendees plenty of opportunities to interact together as well as learn from a very diverse group of panelists.

On Sunday, all CGI U attendees, including President Clinton, participated in a community service project at the San Diego Food Bank. The opening plenary session topic was What’s the Big Idea? Powering Innovation on Campus and Beyond. The second plenary session was Financial Aid: Innovation for Affordability. The closing plenary session was titled A Conversation with President Clinton and featured Sean Penn and Kennedy Odede.

I left the conference fired up and motivated to turn my commitment into a solid project as well as motivate and encourage other students to consider attending next year’s CGI U meeting. You can listen to live webcasts of all the plenary sessions online.

This post was written by Fellowships and Grants Intern Mia Cakebread.

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  1. aggreywillis says:

    It was my pleasure to meet and know Esther Ngumbi during the CGI U meeting. She is such an inspiration.

  2. Esther Ngumbi says:

    Thanks AAUW for supporting my education…I will forever be grateful and will keep on being an inspiration for many African girls!

  3. Esther Ngumbi says:

    Thanks Aggrey!

  4. Bonnie says:

    Esther has already inspired so many at Auburn University and around the globe. She is a gift to all that are in her midst!

  5. Esther Ngumbi says:

    Aw, Thanks Bonnie!!! you are a great woman and I respect you because you have a vision and mission to recruit many women into sciences!!!!!

  6. scevar says:

    Esther is a great inspiration,
    Through her, I have been inspired to move students in Kenya not to simply wait and watch their brothers and sisters succumb to continuous threats of hunger and environmental mismanagement

  7. Esther says:

    Thanks Scevar!!!!! We are all inspiring each other!!!!! I am amazed by how fast you hit and run with everything!!!! You to are amazing!

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