Dancin’ in the Rain for Fair Pay

April 12, 2011

Flash Mob for Equal Pay, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. Members and supporters of AAUW and the Center for American Progress Action Fund showed up on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., on April 2 to participate in a unique demonstration for fair pay. The collaboration produced our first-ever fair pay flash mob.

Don’t know what a flash mob is? It’s when people get together in a public place and perform a seemingly impromptu dance. They’re not only fun to watch but to be in as well !

We’d like to give a big thanks to all our dancing volunteers. Women and men boogied — in the rain no less — to raise awareness about the issue of pay equity because, on average, women only make 77 cents for every dollar their male counterparts earn. The fair pay flash mob took people by surprise and definitely left some Lincoln Memorial visitors wondering what happened. The video was produced in time to mark today’s Equal Pay Day, the symbolic date when a woman’s salary finally catches up to a man’s earnings from the previous year.

The video will premiere this evening at the (un)happy hour at AAUW’s monthly Cocktails and Convos at BlackFinn in Washington, D.C. Will the video have you dancing in the street for fair pay? How about on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial?

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  1. Linda Newland says:

    Great video to bring people’s attention to the inequities of unequal pay and fun also to participate, I bet, and watch.
    After writing a brief summary in my own local newspaper on Equal Pay Day, I received a phone call from a nay saying man who patently denied that unequal pay has existed in the last 40 years. Another AAUW member’s husband basically said the same thing.
    We have a lot of educating to do. Notice that I didn’t hear anything negative from a woman.

  2. advocatepat says:

    I’ve viewed this post several times and always enjoy this fresh approach taken to raise awareness on gender wage inequity. Research studies, media interviews, personal stories, news articles and legislative lobbying are all effective avenues, but flash mob scenes and other innovative initiatives attract attention and add elements of fun and surprise. I want to join the next flash mob!

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