Winter Break + Computer = Policy Reform

December 09, 2010

College students, do you want to make a difference on your campus over winter break without even leaving your computer? Participate in SAFER’s (Students Active for Ending Rape) Winter Break Challenge and submit your campus’s sexual assault policy to their database.

SAFER, an AAUW Community Action Grant recipient, is an amazing grassroots organization focused on campus sexual assault policy reform. This is very important work. About 20 percent of college women experience completed or attempted sexual assault while they are students, and many campuses have inadequate sexual assault policies to deter or deal with the assaults.

To participate in the SAFER Winter Break Challenge, take a look at your school’s policy and report what great work your school is doing or what needs serious improvement. All students should know exactly what resources their schools offer (or don’t offer) and that they have the power to hold their schools accountable for making their campuses safer.

This challenge is part of SAFER and V-Day’s Campus Accountability Project, a nationwide effort to build a database of college and university sexual assault policies and encourage students to push for change in sexual violence prevention and response on their campuses. The project has more than 130 policies published in their public, searchable database. Their goal for the Winter Break Challenge is to reach 200 by January 31, 2011.

To better understand why your help and policy reform are important, watch SAFER’s video (with subtitles).

If you want to do more about campus sexual assault, check out all the work that SAFER is doing regarding policy reform. Also take a look at AAUW and SAFER’s campus sexual assault Program in a Box. The free, downloadable program includes information and ideas to make campuses safer that are tailored for students, faculty and staff, parents of current or prospective students, alumni, and AAUW members. Every student deserves to be safe on campus, and we can all help to achieve that goal.

Holly Kearl By:   |   December 09, 2010

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