A Passion for Teal in North Carolina

March 19, 2010

The University of North Carolina, Wilmington, recently hosted a Campaign College training that brought leadership lessons to life for the participating students that will last beyond their years at the university.

Michelle Scatton-Tessier, director of UNCW’s Women’s Studies and Resource Center, organized the training with the help of student liaisons Lisa Huynh and Drewe Witherington Smith.

Lisa Huynh and Drewe Witherington Smith share why they thought UNCW would benefit from this Campaign College:


North Carolina state Senator Boseman

North Carolina state Senator Julia Boseman

During the event, state Sen. Julia Boseman, a UNCW alumna, captivated participants as the luncheon speaker. Boseman, who is serving her second term in the North Carolina legislature and is the only state senator who has young children, talked about the need for more women in political office. An openly gay politician, Boseman has been viciously attacked and continually faces discrimination in her position. She explained that by focusing on the people she serves and burning off stress at the gym, she can cope with the personal attacks on her and her family. She also emphasized how important it is to focus on what is important in life — family and true friends.

Megan Jelley, a former UNCW student government officer, shared with training participants all the transferable skills that she was able to “sell” to gain her first “real job.” Because of her campus involvement and participation, Jelley was able to secure a job on campus in the office of the dean of students after graduating.

Cindy Lawson

Cindy Lawson

Participants also learned about communications from Cindy Lawson, assistant to the chancellor for marketing and communications. Lawson spoke to the students about how be crisis communicators and stressed an essential communications tenet:  You shouldn’t present more than three messages to your audience during your campaign, and when people try to get you off-topic, always come back to one of your messages.

Showing school pride with their teal shoes, Mark Blackwell and Charles Soden, the current student body president and vice president, respectively, shared handy tips for creating 30-second, five-minute, and
30-minute speeches to present to any audience. Using the strategy to campaign and win as a team led Lisa, Drewe, and their teammate Andrew Penvose to victory in the campaign simulation exercise!

UNCW Students

UNCW students participating in the training

Participants and community stakeholders ended the day at a special reception where they networked to solidify additional opportunities on campus and for professional internships. Scatton-Tessier told students that the training was a day of sharing and learning that was meant to empower them to take that first step toward their leadership potential. She encouraged students to show others, through their actions on campus and in the community, what they learned from the event.

Participant Mary Richardson shares what she learned from the training:


Thanks to the local AAUW members for their support and participation in this event!

Local AAUW members helping out

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