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March 11, 2010

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February 27– March 10

AAUW Recognized by Bestselling Author at National Movie Event Sponsored by CARE

AAUW branches across the United States participated in Half the Sky LIVE, a one-night only movie event presented by CARE on March 4. Sheryl WuDunn, co-author of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide – the book which inspired the film, publicly recognized AAUW, saying: “We would like to especially thank CARE’s partner organizations, like the American Association of University Women, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, and the Girl Scouts of the USA, which have rallied their members around the country to take part in this event. They are raising their voices on behalf of the mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and sisters around the world – those who may not have the platform to speak out.” CNN, the Huffington Post, and the St. Augustine Record, which highlighted AAUW branch participation, all covered the event.

Have you purchased your copy of Half the Sky yet? AAUW’s Barnes and Noble partnership provides discounts when you purchase books through the AAUW portal. Visit www.bn.com/aauw. Half the Sky is a New York Times bestseller and Tom Brokaw has said its stories “will pierce your heart and arouse your conscience.”


AAUW at the White House for International Women’s Day

AAUW Dialog (Tuesday, March 9)

President Obama told those gathered in the White House East Room that the story of America’s women, like that of the United States itself, has peaks and valleys, but that ultimately it has been one of progress against hardships that women continue to confront. The president pointed to some of what he called the “statistics of inequality” — women earning 77 percent of what men earn; one in four women becoming victims of domestic violence; women making up more than half of the U.S. population while occupying only 17 percent of the seats in Congress, and constituting less than three percent of Fortune 500 company chief executive officers. Read more on AAUW Dialog.


AAUW “Rocks the Red” for HIV/AIDS Awareness

AAUW Dialog (Wednesday, March 10)

Annually, the United States recognizes March 10 as National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD). This nationwide initiative aims to raise awareness about the increasing impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls; and to encourage them to make better lifestyle choices in the face of this epidemic. This year blogs, including AAUW Dialog, are participating in the Rock the Red PumpTM campaign by putting the logo on our blog in solidarity with advocates and women affected by or fighting the disease.

AAUW Analysis Figures Prominently in Forbes Woman Article

Forbes Woman (Tuesday, March 2)

AAUW research figures prominently in a Forbes Woman article on popular college majors. It said that while business has emerged as the No. 1 major for undergraduates, a business degree does not shield women from the gender wage gap. The article continued: “a woman one year out of college and working full time typically earns only 80 percent as much as her male counterparts. Why? According to AAUW’s 2007 ‘Behind the Pay Gap’ report, women with business degrees are twice as likely as men with similar degrees to enter administrative, clerical or support positions earlier in their career.”


AAUW Branch Sponsors Conference to Open Doors to Math and Science Careers

Redlands Daily (Monday, March 8 )

The AAUW Redlands (CA) branch received some great press for holding a conference designed to encourage girls to broaden their interests and consider careers they may never have thought about previously. The article began: “nearly 600 Redlands and Yucaipa students may be more inclined to pursue careers in math and science thanks to a conference held last week at the University of Redlands.”


AAUW Board Member Quoted in Story about Challenges Facing Rural High School Girls

KQCD-TV (Wednesday, March 3)

AAUW board member Connie Hildebrand was quoted in an article about junior and senior high school girls living in rural North Dakota. Research shows that those girls don’t have as strong a sense of opportunity as girls in urban areas. In response, Hildebrand said: “North Dakota cannot afford to waste either the development or the contributions of its talented young women, who support the economic health of their families and this state’s economic future.”


AAUW’s National Women’s History Month Celebration Generates Buzz on Blogs

On the Gender Across Borders blog, Emily Heroy wrote AAUW: “… has great listings for events going on throughout the month” while the WriteSisters.com blog made mention of AAUW’s  activities on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr. “AAUW is promoting a host of activities in cyberspace, tapping pretty much every social media forum to spread the word and raise consciousness.” AAUW’s Women’s History Month kick off blog post was published on BlogHer.

AAUW Funds Record Number of Campus Action Projects

Harvey Mudd College News Service (Monday, March 1)

AAUW is funding a record 12 Campus Action Project (CAP) teams in the 2009–10 academic year. News about Harvey Mudd College receiving an AAUW grant is posted on the school’s website along with a quote from Kate C. Farrar, director of AAUW’s leadership programs. She said: “AAUW is breaking through educational barriers so that all women and girls have a fair chance, and that is exactly what the CAP teams selected this year are doing in their communities. Our teams are increasing the number of young women entering and staying in science and math-related fields by addressing the barriers they face in school, college, and the workplace.”

AAUW Supports Right to Choose

Wausau Daily Herald (Tuesday, March 2)

In a letter to the editor written in response to recent anti-choice actions, AAUW of Wisconsin State President Marian Seagren Hall wrote: “AAUW trusts that every woman has the ability to make her own informed choices regarding her reproductive life within the dictates of her own moral and religious beliefs… AAUW will work to support prevention first, comprehensive sex education, domestic and international family planning programs, and access to reproductive health services.”

AAUW’s Lisa Maatz Contributes to Book that Continues to Receive Praise

Christian Science Monitor (Friday, March 5)

An article about Secrets of Powerful Women, which features a chapter written by AAUW Public Policy Director Lisa Maatz, says: “for all the focus on women, the contributors neither demean men nor debate which gender leads better… The takeaway message to women is confident: Everyone benefits when more women lead.”  In her chapter, Maatz focuses on her early experience with the power of advocacy. Articles about the book have also appeared in People Magazine, on The Women’s Media Center website and on Vivid Living.

In an effort to further boost subscriptions to Action Network and Washington Update, and in honor of Women’s History Month, AAUW’s public policy and government relations department is running a contest during the entire month of March.

  • AAUW Action Network: anyone can sign up, member or non-member. AAUW will draw a name from among the new subscribers in March, and one winner will receive a signed copy of Secrets of Powerful Women.
  • AAUW Washington Update: This is a members-only weekly legislative update. AAUW will draw a name from among the new subscribers in March, and one winner will receive a signed copy of Secrets of Powerful Women. http://www.aauw.org/publications/washupdate/index.cfm

Vote now for your favorite images in the AAUW art contest with a link to the contest page. http://www.aauw.org/contests/.  The deadline for voting is March 11.

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