Rally to Commemorate International Women’s Day 2010

March 05, 2010
Enough Project: Celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day: RAISE Hope for Congo Campaign (photo from Enough Project)

As AAUW engages in a variety of new media initiatives to celebrate Women’s History Month, I am excited to blog about a rally to commemorate International Women’s Day. Organized by Enough, a project of the Center for American Progress to end genocide and crimes against humanity, the rally will take place on Monday, March 8, on the Arlington Memorial Bridge in Washington, D.C.

On this day every year, women and men from around the world celebrate women and highlight the need for their political, economic, and social empowerment. International Women’s Day has been observed since the early 1900s, and in many countries, including China, Russia, Vietnam, and Bulgaria, it is recognized as a national holiday.

International Women's Day March

An International Women’s Day March (photo from The Age)

The March 8 rally symbolizes the accomplishments of women around the world, with emphasis on the women from Rwanda and Congo who will join together “in peace on a bridge between their countries to demand an end to war and to demonstrate that women can build the bridges to peace and development.” The march will conclude with remarks from Congolese and women’s empowerment advocates.

This program acknowledges the progress that women have made internationally and recognizes the role we all need to play in advocating and fighting for the rights of women everywhere. A tool kit for individuals who are unable to attend the Washington, D.C., event and who would like to organize their own rally is available from Women for Women International, an organization founded by Zainab Salbi, a 2007 NCCWSL speaker.

Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities: Progress for All” is this year’s United Nation’s theme for International Women’s Day. AAUW works each day to break through barriers for women and girls, and I recognize how lucky I am to work for an organization that expands horizons and provides opportunities through advocacy, education, and research. I look forward to attending the rally, commemorating International Women’s Day, and advocating for the rights of women around the world.

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